Monday, October 13, 2014

The New Normal

I am happy to share that home hemodialysis continues to go well.  Getting on and off the machine has become more routine, and the alarms on the machine less frequent.  Well, we are less panicked about the alarms, as well.

John puts two needles into the fistula in his arm for each treatment.  He has created 'buttonholes' in his arm for easier access.  The fistula is in his right arm, which means he has to insert those needles with his left (non-dominant) hand.

The entire set-up for treatment is in one area, meant to be accessible to John using his left hand to grab anything he needs and to run the machine.  Typically I help get him set up, and then can leave the room and do other things around the house during treatment.  

Once a month, John pulls 6 vials of blood to send for tests.  We have a centrifuge in the dialysis room, so we spin and stabilize the samples before they are sent out via FedEx.  He also administers heparin and epogen during his treatment.

John has not returned to work, but hopes to go back in November.  His energy has been better for about a week now, and we are finding 'the new normal'.  After the complications and severe illness this summer, 'only' doing dialysis seems relatively easy.  

Friends and family continue to help up raise funds to keep up with living and medical costs.  Here is the link to the fundraiser on YouCaring:

Kidney Quest for John

This winter there will be an art show fundraiser attached to  the YouCaring page.  Will share the details as they develop.  We have amazing friends and family!

Next up:  Hepatitis C treatment in December.

We are overwhelmed by the support from friends and family near and far. We are so grateful!

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