Saturday, September 13, 2014

Last dose of vancomycin

John is just finishing his last dose of the IV antibiotic vancyomycin right now.  He has been on the medicine for just over one month, and the symptoms of the mystery infection have disappeared. His heart rhythm and rate are within normal range again as well.

Now back to the regular business of getting the hang of home dialysis and focusing on the next step:  treating the Hepatitis C.  That treatment is scheduled for December.  It will be a nice break to have 'only' have to focus on dialysis.  

He had a rough few days with gout in his feet and hands, but that is also resolved with some extra steroids.  Overall, baby steps forward recently.  

After the HepC is gone, we will concentrate on the end goal:  finding a viable kidney donor!

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  And the muffins and sauces and crisps.  ;-)  Keep them coming!  

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