Sunday, August 3, 2014

Eventful weekend

On Friday, John had his fistula evaluated through Interventional Radiology at St. Francis Hospital.  He used it for the first time to dialyize the Monday before, and was severely bruised.  The photo here was taken today, 6 days after the injury occurred.  As you can see, it warranted investigation.

They did a contrast dye study, and it's a fabulous fistula.  He has a couple of stitches from the procedure, and a bit of soreness.  We left the hospital remarking on what an easy, good-news appointment we had.  The discharge papers included strict orders to call if a fever beyond 100 was present.  On Saturday afternoon, he started feeling feverish, and his temperature slowly climbed.  He spent the afternoon and almost overnight in the ER, at St. Francis again.  Immediate blood tests came back ok, and he received some intravenous antibiotics and came home--with instructions to call about the blood culture test results.

Today he was still not feeling well, and he got the news that he indeed has a staph infection in his bloodstream.  He has been admitted, again, to St. Francis.  This is complicated because of his immunosuppression, and having daily dialysis.  How can you take antibiotics when they will be dialyized out of your bloodstream with the next treatment?  I hope to understand that before I leave tonight.  Always grateful for prayers and positive thoughts.  

Thankfully, St. Francis is just a couple of miles from our home.  We are wondering about some type of frequent-visitor program.  Buy 4 ER visits in one month, get 1 free?  

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