Friday, June 27, 2014

Procedure today

This morning we are off to St. Francis Hospital for a temporary catheter placement.  John starts dialysis on Monday, and the fistula is not yet mature enough to use.  Not expecting a hospital stay this time.

Next week is busy with appointments:  dialysis treatments and training everyday for 5-6 hours, and one appointment in Boston for liver issues.

The dialysis should give some relief from the extreme fatigue and edema John is experiencing.  He is still at his job full time, we are working out the details on short-term disability and/or working part time.  In one sense, the timing is good because I am able to do the dialysis training along with him--I am on summer vacation from teaching. This will be a crash course of aversion therapy for me... I typically faint when having blood drawn.  Since this is basically a 2.5 hour daily blood draw, I can only assume I will get used to it.  Right?

As always, thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers.

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