Friday, May 16, 2014

Still waiting to be listed...

This week's appointments included a liver test called Fibroscan, a non-invasive exam which is able to determine liver health with better accuracy than a liver biopsy.  John has had liver biopsies before, and like most people who have had them, was not looking forward to another.  Luckily we are just 2 hours from Boston where they offer this newer technology--and no pain!

Also saw the dermatologist who did take two biopsies.  John has had several spots of cancer removed from his skin over the past two years,  a squamous cell carcinoma resulting from the anti-rejection medications used after organ transplant.  Cancer is a frightening word for most, but this cancer is one of the more manageable diseases on our list.

Today he saw a vascular surgeon who did an extensive ultrasound of his veins to map out a place to  create a permanent access for dialysis treatments.  We are waiting for the results from all of this week's tests.

Will update here as soon as he is officially on the transplant list--there is a committee which will review John's case and determine if he is eligible.  It will be a big relief to arrive at that point!

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